Largest Beachfront Village in Southern Phuket

InfrastructureRawayana Beachfront Village

It will be a tradition for all Phuket9 projects to create an infrastructure on the basis of the village that will ensure maximum demand not only for the guests of the complex, but also for all residents and tourists in the Rawai area. To date, a starting list of infrastructure facilities and types of real estate has been formulated, which will be replenished in the course of the work of the department for the development of the shopping complex.

The composition of the Rawayana complex 

Rawayana Beachfront Village is: 

  • 22 ultra-premium villas ranging from 410 to 665 sq.m.
  • Hotel and residential condominium with 140 apartments
  • Premium beachfront condominium for 108 apartments
  • Trade and service complex
  • International Food Supermarket
  • Supermarket of goods for kids Mothercare
  • Sports complex and gym with saunas
  • Starbucks 
  • Tennis court
  • 3 shared swimming pools with panoramic views
  • Private International School (Cambridge)
  • Private kindergarten
  • Kids entertainment park Rawai Park
  • Trampoline center
  • Professional rejuvenation clinic
  • Restaurants and food courts
  • Spa, massage and cosmetology
  • British pub, pool, Russian billiards, darts
  • Barbershop and beauty salons
  • Underground parking for 500 cars
  • Professional car wash and detailing 

After construction is completed (first half of 2025), Phuket9 will rebrand and include the existing family resort Rawai VIP Villas and Rawai Private Villas in the complex, thereby uniting them under the new Rawayana Beachfront Village brand. This means that the complex will include 70 more villas, as well as a new office of the company launched into operation in early 2023.

LOCATION: Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand

STATUS: Construction in progress

LAUNCH: First half 2025

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Welcome to the best beachfront village in Phuket

Rawayana Villas

The construction of villas is one of the key areas of the developer's work. Phuket9 has been building villas and residential villages in Phuket since 2004, therefore, having considerable experience, the company improves its product every year.

There are only 35 villas in the Rawayana village, but each of them is a real house, impressive in size and excellent in technical equipment. The villas in the new village are oriented towards high-yield short-term and long-term rentals, as well as comfortable permanent residence of the owners.

The villas are sold on a turnkey basis when the price includes a complete furniture layout, a fully designed and finished interior, technical blocks and modules, household appliances, curtains, bedding and crockery. Each of the villas has its own swimming pool, covered parking area and a small garden.


TYPE “A”  

The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 295 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "A"

Second floor of villa type "A"

Rooftop of villa type "A"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 312 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "B"

Second floor of villa type "B"

Rooftop of villa type "B"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 339 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "C"

Second floor of villa type "C"

Rooftop of villa type "C"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 382 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "D"


Second floor of villa type "D"

Rooftop of villa type "D"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 406 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "E"

Second floor of villa type "E"

Rooftop of villa type "E"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 317 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "F"

Second floor of villa type "F"

Rooftop of villa type "F"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 289 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "G"

Second floor of villa type "G"

Rooftop of villa type "G"


The total area of ​​the villa with a plot: 326 sq.m.

First floor of villa type "G"

Second floor of villa type "G"

Rooftop of villa type "G"


During the construction phase, Phuket9 provides the opportunity to make changes that do not affect the supporting structure and layout of the villa. Such as the conversion of one of the bedrooms into an office or any other purpose. The impressive area allows you to design the most comfortable and cozy space with maximum benefit for the owner.

Exterior & Interior of Rawayana Villas


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Apartments in the Rawayana "North" condominium building

Rawayana North Condominium is located in the northern part of the village and has 150 apartments with different sizes and benefits. The main pool of apartments has two separate bedrooms with private bathrooms, bathrooms and cheap. In addition, the building has apartments with three bedrooms, which is a rarity for Phuket. Some of the apartments on the ground floor of the building have access to the communal pool zoned with private partitions, the other part of the apartments have their own small pools.

Two bedroom unit:

Type “A” 

Located at floors from 2 to 5 

Living area: 70,7 sq.m. 

Two bedroom unit with pool access:

Type “A” 

Available on first floor only

Living area: 91,8 sq.m. 


Two bedroom unit with private pool:

Type “A” 

Available on first floor only

Living area:102,5 sq.m. 

Two bedroom unit:

Type “B” 

Located at floors from 2 to 5 

Living area: 82,3 sq.m. 

Two bedroom unit with private pool:

Type “B” 

Available on first floor only

Living area: 127,4 sq.m.  

Three bedroom unit:

Type “C” 

Located at floors from 2 to 5 

Living area: 104,3 sq.m. 

Two bedroom unit:

Type “D” 

Located at floors from 2 to 5 

Living area: 53,8 sq.m. 

Rawayana North is divided into two conditional buildings connected by a common lobby and pedestrian bridges on the third, fourth and fifth floors. There is a communal swimming pool on the ground floor, and communal swimming pools with panoramic views are located on the roof of each of the buildings. On the ground floor there is a reception and a guest area. The underground floor is equipped with parking spaces for 88 cars.

To date, the Rawayana South premium condominium building is in the final stage of development. The start of sales in a building located actually on the coastline is scheduled for April 2023. To be the first to receive a pre-sale offer, please register by sending us an email with a request.


Rawayana Beachfront Village Investment Program

The village will be managed by the Hotels9 hotel group, which is part of the Phuket9 holding. The management classification is determined by the 5 star segment. Guests and owners will be provided with a full hotel service.

The main investment format of the project: Rental Pool 60/40. This means that the owners of apartments and villas participating in one of the pools (created according to the types of each of the apartments or villas) receive 40% of working capital distributed equally among all owners participating in the pool. As a rule, the Rental Pool program provides owners with more freedom in using their apartment or villa, and also implies an unlimited yield by a certain percentage. 

The guaranteed program applies to apartments of type “D” located in the Rawayana North building and is regulated by about 7% per annum of the cost of the apartment for 5 years. The launch of the program is carried out after making the full payment for the object, regardless of the stage of construction.

Interior of Rawayana "North" Apartments  

You can get a detailed calculation of the guaranteed program for the Rawayana Beachfront Village project using our investment calculator


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Apartments in the Rawayana "South" Beachfront Building

The outstanding masterpiece of the new complex is the 4 buildings of the condominium Rawayana "South" located on the coastline. The diverse format of apartments, premium finishes, and the most convenient location - all these facts make the buildings "South" an excellent offer.

Three-bedroom unit:

Type “A” 

Living area: 71,2 sq.m. 

Three-bedroom unit:

Type “B” 

Living area: 119,2 sq.m.

Common pool access

Three-bedroom unit:

Type “C” 

Living area: 92,7 sq.m.

Common pool access


Two-bedroom unit:

Type “D” 

Living area: 64,2 sq.m.

Studio unit:

Type “E” 

Living area: 37,6 sq.m.

One-bedroom unit:

Type “F” 



Living area: 72,6 sq.m.


Floor plan of Rawayana "South" Buildings


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The infrastructure of the Rawayana Beachfront Village

Shopping mall

The shopping pavilions of the complex overlook the Rawai waterfront. The anchor tenants are chains specializing in the sale of imported and local grocery products, children's goods and consumer goods.

International Supermarket  

The assortment of the store always includes organic farm products from Italy, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France, Poland, Holland and the USA. There is always a large selection of steaks, cheeses, berries and fruits, confectionery, and its own bakery.


Needing no introduction, the coffee shop will open its branch in the Rawayana shopping area. At the moment, the architects of the network are developing their own unique design of the coffee house, following the brand's trend to create spaces that are visually interesting from a visual point of view.

Rawayana Sport

Opening your own sports complex with gyms, saunas, yoga and aerobics spaces is a plan that Phuket9 has been preparing for several years. In the new Rawayana Sport complex, a sports complex equipped with the most modern exercise equipment and sports equipment will be implemented.

Rawai Park International School 

The international school located on the territory of the complex has been operating since 2021. Students have access to education in the Cambridge system, followed by the preparation of IGCSE exams. The uniqueness of the school lies in its own standards that allow to form an absolutely comfortable process of adaptation of children who do not speak English for the fastest and most stress-free integration into the educational process. The school also offers additional educational modules in Russian in core subjects. The school has its own football court, a hostel for senior students on a full board program, a children's art center, a music studio and a swimming pool.

Private kindergarten on the basis of the school

Construction on the preschool begins in parallel with major work at Rawayana Beachfront Village. The kindergarten will include nursery, middle and preparatory groups. The main function of the kindergarten will be preparing children for school and learning the English language from a young age. Kindergarten graduates will be able to continue their studies at school without an adaptation program.

Rawai Park Children's Entertainment Center

The amusement park has been operating since 2017. The park includes a children's mini-water park, a game club with air-conditioned rooms, indoor playgrounds and concert venues. On the territory of the park there is a family restaurant Love Rawai Cafe. The staff team of the park organizes children's holidays and birthdays.

Rawai Park Jump Trampoline Center

Currently, work is underway on the construction of a new trampoline center that will open on the basis of Rawai Park. The area of ​​the center exceeds 2000 square meters. This will be the first trampoline center in the southern part of the island.

Professional Anti-aging Clinic Lyfe Medical Wellness

A modern medical clinic has been operating on the territory of the complex since 2017. The clinic provides a wide range of services in the field of anti-ageing, oncology diagnostics, general health checks, and hormonal studies. The therapy department offers vitamin boosters, detoxification and physiotherapy and medical massage.

British Pub

Another center of attraction will be a British pub located right on the coastline. The development of the concept, menu and visualization is carried out by our own team, which has already created the WeGarden bar. The pub's work format involves live performances of music bands, parties, stand-ups and other activities. On the second floor of the pub there will be built a billiards club with a Russian pyramid, a pool and a separate space for playing darts.

Professional carwash and detailing

A professional car wash and detailing boxes will be built in the underground parking for 500 cars. Car wash services include detailed dry cleaning of interiors, liquid glass, polishing. Underground parking means paid parking with a free first interval of 1 hour. For customers of the car wash, parking will be provided free of charge.


Rawai District

The location of the new Rawayana Beachfront Village is one of the best in Phuket. The Rawai embankment has convenient transport accessibility with access to all key highways and is a hallmark of the south of Phuket. The popularity of the area is due to its maximum convenience for both tourist trips and for permanent residence. A significant percentage of the area's population are expats from all over the world. The multicultural core of the district allows holders of any passports to feel comfortable here. There are restaurants from around the world, a well-established social infrastructure, places for sports, jogging, and beaches and nature are especially proud.

Rawai Beach

Despite its visual appeal, Rawai Beach is not popular as a bathing area. The reason for this is the strong low tides and the love of local fishermen and sea taxis to anchor their long-tailed boats here. These facts, as well as the presence in the neighborhood of probably the best beach in Phuket, do not diminish the popularity of Rawai at all. In the evenings, life is seething here, restaurants with seafood are doing a brisk work right on the shore, and right from the shore during the day you can go on a boat trip by taking a taxi boat.

Naiharn Beach

Without a doubt one of the best beaches in Phuket. Rawayana Beachfront Village is less than 10 minutes by car. The relatively small beach is the most recognizable in Phuket due to its landscape. Near the beach there is an artificial reservoir around which it is convenient to run. On the hill at the eastern end of the beach is the magnificent Windmill Viewpoint.

Yanui Beach

Another picturesque beach is a 7-minute drive from Rawayana. Yanui is great not only for swimming, but also for snorkelling, kayaking or stand-up boarding. The "Instagrammy" nature of the landscapes of this beach attracts numerous photographers and just lovers of taking beautiful pictures.

Ao-Sane Beach

A cozy mini beach is a 10-minute drive from Rawayana. This secluded corner is not so much known in the wide tourist segment, and this allows you to spend time here in relative privacy. There is also a rich underwater world, which allows you to get the most out of snorkeling.

Investment attractiveness and future of objects in the Rawayana complex. 

The combination of positive factors, geographical location, infrastructure in a wide range, largely distinguish the Rawayana Beachfront complex in the Phuket real estate market. Investment in this project allows you to acquire an asset with growth potential and regular rental income. Each of the presented types of apartments or villas closes for the owner the personal need for a comfortable stay or a short vacation in Phuket.

Contact our exclusive partner in the sale of apartments and villas in this complex, International Company Intermark. 

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Real estate investment is one of the most reliable ways to save capital. A well-chosen object brings passive income of 6% per year. Phuket real estate rises in price due to increased tourist flow, construction restrictions and land limits.

Phuket9 has been professionally engaged in investing, building and managing real estate in Phuket since 2004. The portfolio of the company includes hotels, condominiums and villas.

The main advantage of the company is a professional and regular Phuket real esatet market researh, turn-key construction experience and management skills.

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