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The developer company Phuket9, in collaboration with the Common Practice bureau from the Netherlands and the renowned urbanist, blogger, journalist, and architect Ilya Varlamov, presents the new project "Phenomenon." For the first time in Phuket, a large-scale project is being developed with the involvement of advanced European developments in the field of architecture and urban planning. The result of the work will be a residential and hotel complex that has no analogs in Phuket in terms of aesthetics, convenience, functionality, and meets all modern trends.



For each of its projects, Phuket9 carefully selects the most promising location. The efficiency of the future property's location directly impacts its demand in terms of future rental and, consequently, investment return.

The Phenomenon complex is situated just 300 meters from the popular tourist beach of Kata, and a leisurely walk to the shoreline takes no more than 3-5 minutes. Currently, the Kata area ranks among the top three most visited tourist destinations in Phuket. Despite its modest size, this area is fully equipped with tourist infrastructure, including restaurants, massage parlors, banks, pharmacies, bars, shops, tourist agencies, and souvenir stalls. The beach itself, stretching approximately one and a half kilometers, ensures the area's popularity. Its dazzling white sand, crystal-clear water, and year-round summer weather allow tourists to enjoy comfortable stays here regardless of the season. In the northern part of the beach's waters lies a colorful coral reef, ideal for shore diving. From May to October, the waves reach a height suitable for comfortable surfing, with the Quiksilver World Championship taking place here in the autumn. Additionally, the Kata Surf House training center, equipped with an artificial wave generator, provides a safe environment for aspiring surfers to learn their skills.

The plot of land where Phenomenon will be built is situated on a slope in the southern part of the beach. The unique terrain allows for magnificent views from most of the apartments in the complex. In addition to the stunning landscape, this plot is the last available for development in the area and at such a distance from the shoreline. This significantly impacts the future capitalization of the property. It's worth noting that on the island of Phuket, there are strict restrictions on land distribution, with only 15% of the island's territory designated for general development. This fact directly influences the continuously rising cost of land on the island.


The area of the land is 8 rai (13,800 square meters), and the plot itself has a significant slope. It is located just under 300 meters from the shoreline, allowing one to cover this distance on foot in less than 5 minutes at a relaxed pace. Along the way, there are numerous shops, food courts, restaurants serving various cuisines from around the world, massage parlors, a bank branch, currency exchange offices, clothing stores, stalls selling fresh Thai fruits, seafood vendors, pharmacies, and bars. 

Project plan

Phenomenon is a complex consisting of 8 condominiums (separate residential buildings with their own infrastructure and pool), 27 townhouses with panoramic views, and a separate hotel building. The total number of units in the complex is 390.

The complex features a central entrance, a large underground 2-level parking facility, and organized internal logistics facilitated by golf carts. The hotel building is located directly at the entrance to the project, followed by the condominium buildings, with the townhouses situated at the highest point.

Each condominium building has its own unique shape, and their positioning at different angles allows for additional perspective and improved views. The majority of the space between the buildings is designated for pedestrian use only, ensuring maximum comfort and safety for residents' movement within the complex. A particular focus is placed on creating a barrier-free environment in the internal spaces, which is an innovative solution for Phuket.

Within the hotel building, there will be a TOP's supermarket, the absolute leader in grocery retail in Thailand and a part of the Central Group Thailand holding. TOP's supermarkets focus on selling local and imported food products, household goods, and everyday essentials. Phuket9 has already partnered with this company and opened a TOP's supermarket in its Rawayana Beachfront Village project in Rawai at the end of 2023. According to analytics, within the first three months of operation, TOP's in Rawai topped the network's rankings in Phuket in terms of revenue and customer experience.

The architecture

Currently, the final development of the exterior of the Phenomenon complex is underway, with a focus on seamlessly integrating into the landscape. The project's architects are guided by the preservation of the aesthetic value of Phuket's hills and the creation of visually pleasing and intriguing buildings. Specifically, transitioning into the natural hills without loud glass-and-concrete interventions will allow the project to blend into its surroundings, even in the presence of relatively dense neighboring developments.

The geometry of the buildings carefully avoids the typical (and widespread) right angles found throughout Phuket. The solution developed by Common Practice bureau looks exceptionally interesting and unconventional within the island's usual architecture. Some buildings incorporate inner courtyards with natural vegetation and greenery, while all corridors are designed in an open style with natural lighting and ventilation. This approach undoubtedly eliminates the typical tropical stuffiness and widespread fungal formations. 


The significant slope of the hill on which the project is situated, along with the tiered construction, has inspired the development of a concept resembling a European "hillside village." In this concept, the buildings, located at modest distances from each other, form an amazing architectural ensemble where density is compensated by magnificent views literally from every window. 

As a result, the placement of all buildings looks very organic, forming the integrity of the entire master plan, providing aesthetic comfort, and ensuring seamless integration into the natural landscape. 

Common spaces 

The overall aesthetic "chemistry" continues to work in the embodiment of interior solutions. In the public spaces, the architects have planned the principle of forming a community in clear balance with nature and seclusion. The task is, to say the least, challenging, but its solution has allowed for the planning of numerous interesting corners for socializing, creative activities, and discussions. The entire interior exudes restraint, adequate minimalism, and naturalistic elements of living vegetation, which literally allow you to feel how much attention to detail has been devoted here.

Another attraction point is the rooftop pools in each of the buildings. With 20 years of experience managing hotels in Phuket, we can appeal to statistics, according to which, the majority of guests prefer the pool, choosing it for swimming over the sea, especially when accompanied by small children. In the Phenomenon complex, each of the pools will become your favorite spot. Firstly, each of them will offer magnificent views of the sea and the general panorama of the area. Secondly, the pool area is a service zone where you can also order food and drinks. Thirdly, the pools are equipped with shower facilities and each guest is provided with a set of towels, making their stay and water activities as comfortable as possible. Fourthly, the presence of shaded areas makes staying in the bright sun controlled and safe.


In the Phenomenon complex, apartments are divided into two main types, each with an area of 37 square meters.

The predominant type is the studio (Type A), but due to an interesting solution and layout, this apartment can be better described as a one-bedroom apartment. The development of bay windows became crucial, providing each apartment with additional natural light and space. Special attention deserves the square balconies, which are located diagonally to the main area, creating maximum possible privacy. Zoning relative to the small area allowed for the creation of an almost autonomous kitchen area, bedroom, and a small living room.

Type "A" - Studio 37 sq.m.

This type of apartment is dominant in the Phenomenon complex, and it is located in all buildings.

Type "B" - Studio 37 sq.m.

This is a corner variation of the main type, having an additional window and improved visibility, as well as a modified balcony configuration. 

Type "C" - Two-bedroom apartment 74 sq.m.

This type of apartment is the result of combining two main types, which has allowed for the creation of a spacious two-bedroom apartment. The fundamental concept lies in the merging plan designed in such a way that combining two apartments creates a spacious common area with two autonomous bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Type "D" - One-bedroom apartment 37 sq.m.

With a relatively small pool, one-bedroom apartments are presented. An outstanding feature is the increased space next to the kitchen area and a spacious living room.


Interior solutions, quite logically, continue the overall concept of the Phenomenon. The original geometry of space with emphasized minimalism and functionality, combined with magnificent views, create truly outstanding apartments. Bay windows, as a tribute to absolutely ingenious solutions rooted in the classics of architecture, have defined the unmistakable character and volume of the apartment space.

The final furnishing of the apartments is currently in the development process because, as with every square meter of Phenomenon, we focus maximally on the details. Like in all projects of Phuket9 company, apartments in Phenomenon will be sold "turnkey" with a complete set of furniture, household appliances, tableware, decor, and accessories.

The smart organization of space will provide maximum comfort both for short-term vacations and for longer-term rentals or permanent residence for the owner.

LOCATION: Kata Beach, Phuket, Thailand

STATUS: Construction in progress

LAUNCH: Second Half of 2026

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Presentation of Phenomenon

Floor plans

Currently, apartments are available for sale in 8 condominium buildings. To choose the right apartment based on location, please familiarize yourself with the floor plans.

Building designations in the Phenomenon project:

Building "A"

Total number of apartments: 56

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "B"

Total number of apartments: 55

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "C"

Total number of apartments: 51

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "D"

Total number of apartments: 35

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "E"

Total number of apartments: 41

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "F"

Total number of apartments: 20

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "G"

Total number of apartments: 25

Types of apartments: A, B, optionally C

Building "H"

Total number of apartments: 52

Types of apartments: A, B, D, optionally C

Who can buy?

Sales of apartments in the project started on March 8, 2024. You can purchase an apartment at a favorable price by registering on the project's landing page.

The exclusive sales operator for the project is the international company Intermark Global. The specialists of this company are ready to provide you with a full project presentation, advise you on all stages of the transaction, and fully execute the sale, no matter where you are located.

Citizens of any country in the world can acquire an apartment in full ownership (freehold) or long-term ownership with a 90-year leasehold. To formalize the purchase agreement, a valid international passport, actual residence address, contact phone number, and email address are required.

Transaction Structure:

  • Preliminary consultation and selection of the apartment
  • Signing the apartment reservation agreement and payment of a $3,000 deposit
  • Formalization and signing of the purchase agreement
  • Payment of the full amount or a 50% down payment of the total cost
  • After completion of construction (mid-2026)

State registration of property rights in the selected form (freehold/leasehold)

What next?

After construction is completed, the complex is put into operation, and the apartments are rented out. Management is handled by our own hotel group, Hotels9. The Phenomenon project offers two income programs for owners:

Fixed income program of 7% of the selling price for 3 years (available only with full payment during the construction phase):

Participation in this program involves regular annual payments of 7% of the selling price per year. However, the owner does not have the right to use the apartment for personal purposes, leisure, or independent rental. Payments are made in Thai Baht to the owner's personal account.

Rental Pool Program:

In this program, a common pool of identical apartments is formed, and the gross rental revenue is distributed as follows:

   - 40% of the turnover is distributed equally among all pool participants.

   - 60% remains on the balance of the management company, of which 20% is paid as commission to agencies, aggregators, tour operators, 25% is allocated to the labor payment fund, depreciation, minor repairs, and utility bills. 15% of the turnover represents the management company's profit.

There is a limitation on the owner's stay in the program, which is 30 calendar days per year, with a maximum of 14 days during the high season from October to May.

How to pay?

The accepted methods of payment under the purchase agreement are as follows:

For Freehold ownership:

International bank transfer

For Leasehold ownership:

  • International bank transfer (Swift)
  • Cash payment at the Phuket9 company offices (Moscow, Dubai, Istanbul, Bali, Beijing, Shanghai)
  • Cash payment at the main office of Phuket9 in Phuket
  • Local bank transfer (Thai bank)
  • Payment via the PromptPay fast payment system
  • Payment by credit card at the Phuket9 company office (VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, WechatPay, Alipay), all non-russian cards

Who develops Phenomenon? 

The architectural plan and overall concept of the project are developed by the Common Practice bureau based in Amsterdam. The development is led by Ilya Varlamov, while the construction and subsequent management are carried out by the Phuket9 company.

Ilya Varlamov

The famous TouTube blogger, urbanist, and expert in urban environments, Ilya Varlamov, is a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute with a specialization in residential and public building architecture. Throughout his career, Ilya has traveled to nearly every country in the world, accumulating vast experience, insights, and a wealth of knowledge about effective urban design solutions. As the leader of the development of the Phenomenon project, he is sure to apply his expertise to ensure its success.

Within the project, Ilya Varlamov has launched a separate YouTube channel dedicated to construction and real estate sales. Weekly mini-series are published, covering all stages of the project's development and providing updates on the latest news related to the project.

Presentation of the Phenomenon project took place on March 8, 2024, in Phuket, Thailand.

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