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Phuket9 Company represents an elite village of villas with a sea view located 1 kilometer from Karon Beach in Phuket. Hightone is a well-thought-out eco-friendly and comfortable community, fully focused on long-term residence or vacation of guests and owners with a large family.

When developing the concept of the future village, we took into account the rapidly growing demand for combined format villas. The current stock of villas in Phuket is strictly divided into villas for permanent residence and villas built for short-term rental. Both have their advantages, and we tried to combine these two formats in one.

The village of Hightone is:

  • 11 spacious villas (from 350 to 600 sqm)
  • Panoramic view of the Andaman Sea
  • Fully guarded area
  • Modern sustainable design
  • Energy Saving Systems
  • Functional premium interior design
  • Walking distance to the beach
  • Developed infrastructure of the area
  • Villas with 3,4,5 bedrooms
  • Ecological area
  • Convenient transport accessibility
  • Hotel service
  • Investment return program 


LOCATION: Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

STATUS: Construction in progress

LAUNCH: January 2024

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The structure of the village includes villas, a club house, a reception, an internal road. The territory is closed by a fence with video surveillance and autonomous lighting. The landscape of the village is organized by a separate tier for each of the villas. This model allows you to provide maximum sea views and privacy.

Hightone Seaview Villas & Garden is located in a closed and fully guarded area. Travel time by car from Karon Beach takes no more than 5 minutes.The complex of villas is located on a hill, and the peculiarity of the landscape contributes to a panoramic view of the sea from each of the villas. Despite being located in the very epicenter of tourist life, Hightone Villas maintain an atmosphere of privacy and seclusion. This feature makes the village truly unique, in fact, offering guests and owners maximum comfort in the vicinity of all the advantages of the resort area and the beach, without having to spend time on a long journey. For Phuket, with its peculiar geography and road system, this advantage greatly affects the Hightone complex, making it very popular in the rental segment.

The complex of villas is located on a hill 380 meters above sea level. The peculiarity of the landscape allowed each of the villas to be located on its own tier, providing excellent sea views from virtually anywhere. The average slope is in the range from 14 to 25, which provides a fairly comfortable passage on foot, without excessive loads. Drainage systems, storm sewers and drainage systems prevent flooding during the rainy season, and a specialized road surface of internal passages prevents slipping. All windows face the west side, and this feature contributes to the daily observation of beautiful sunsets, which are especially good from May to October. The eastern side of the village is hidden from the sun by the jungle.

Each of the villas is equipped with built-in furniture, which provides maximum functionality and comfort, while maintaining free space. Based on our own experience in managing investment real estate, we have developed a number of standards for furniture and accessories that allow you to select materials and elements that, in addition to visual attractiveness, have a long service life, the possibility of quick replacement and long depreciation. The villa’s multimedia systems are smart TVs, broadband internet access and built-in speakers.


Management company Hotels9 Co., Ltd. is part of the Phuket9 holding and ensures the operational activities of all the company’s real estate objects. Management is performed by in-house departments without the involvement of third-party contractors. This system allows for maximum quality control and continuity.

The new Hightone Seaview Villas & Garden is being sold with a management contract for Hotels9 Co., Ltd, which allows the owner to maximize income without being involved in operating activities and virtually no effort. The company will take on the whole range of worries from regular maintenance and repairs to ensuring maximum average annual occupancy rates.

Hotels9 Co., Ltd manages the following: villa complexes, hotels, catering establishments, medical centers, spas and entertainment complexes. Constant work to improve the quality of services and the development of a system of its own closed-loop infrastructure contributes to the regular growth of the rating of hotels and villas in all the most popular marketplaces.

It is the experience of the management company that is the key factor in the subsequent increase in the price of the project, and its relevance. Today, Hotels9 is one of the leaders in the property management market in Phuket, with sufficient resources and potential for further growth.



The new Hightone Seaview Villas & Garden is virtually unrivaled in Karon County. The uniqueness of the format and high-quality technical performance make this complex extremely popular in terms of rental. Decades of work of our company allowed us to form a reliable and effective strategy for real estate management, ensuring the maximum average annual occupancy rate and, as a result, increasing the capitalization of objects.

Miss Olga Titova

Director of the Department of Hotel Management Hotels9 Co., Ltd.

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Real estate investment is one of the most reliable ways to save capital. A well-chosen object brings passive income of 6% per year. Phuket real estate rises in price due to increased tourist flow, construction restrictions and land limits.

Phuket9 has been professionally engaged in investing, building and managing real estate in Phuket since 2004. The portfolio of the company includes hotels, condominiums and villas.

The main advantage of the company is a professional and regular Phuket real esatet market researh, turn-key construction experience and management skills.

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